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Images By Lee is comprised of Randy and Lisa, partners in crime, in life, and business. They live amongst the corn and hayfields outside of Luck, WI. Along with 7 (sometimes 8) cats, 2 dogs and a herd of ducks, chickens and goats. Randy has three children that somehow managed to survive the many years of having to be his practice models and has one grandson still too young to be annoyed. Lisa has two children that barely tolerate her love of bad dancing, although hope remains that she will someday master the box step.

Randy is the photographer and artist who enjoys capturing life’s simple beauty and sharing it with others. He prefers to keep his compositions simple, allowing the subject matter to be the star. When shooting portrait photography he tries to capture the spirit of the people he is working with. “You can not beat the innocent smile of a child or the radiance a pregnant woman gives off. So much is said in the eyes. The gaze between a new bride and her groom speaks volumes. I love capturing that moment.” When not chasing down a sunset, he will more than likely be found on a gravel road photographing the rural landscape. Old barns, rusty cars, bridges and abandoned buildings are found throughout his body of work. In his free time Randy enjoys exploring high places, telling bad jokes to squirrels, drumming the dashboard of the car and eating pizza. He loves pizza. Randy started Images by Lee 2011, in the city of Eau Claire. He took a leap of faith and moved to Luck during the summer of 2015 and is slowly building clientele in that area.

Lisa is Randy’s assistant extraordinaire. She has 20+ years in customer service and has super powers when it comes to scheduling. She keeps Randy organized and takes care of all the needs of the office, allowing him to concentrate on his creativity during sessions and editing. Whenever able, she accompanies Randy on shoots and is learning to use those big ole cameras with Randy’s incredible patience. During the winter months the vast amount of her free time is spent on the slopes of Trollhaugen where she also works as a snowboarding supervisor. She is also currently trying to improve her leaping skills. As of today she can successfully leap over a rock the approximate size of a chipmunk.  

Together they enjoy the outdoors. Hiking, biking, canoeing, finding shapes in the clouds, watching the stars, searching for Sasquatch and camping are done together as much as possible.

You can get ahold of us by filling out the Contact Us Form or by calling Lisa at 715-554-0787.

We look forward to working with you!

Randy and Lisa